There is saying that good things come in small packages.  But when it comes to making money online, good opportunities come in simple systems.  The opportunity must be simple to follow as well simple to explain to others.  It must be simple so that benefits of joining are clearly understood.  It must be so simple that the members start earning sooner than later.

Money Bomb on YouTube

Over the years, I have joined many opportunities and many of them have not materialized.  But that is not the case with 5 Dollar Money Bomb Program.  What is so unique about this opportunity, you ask.
Simply put, the opportunity incorporates existing incentive programs to provide a complete turnkey system that pays you to join.  It is a system designed to make you money quickly in short term.  It is a system that earns you continuously. It is simple.  It is easy to understand.

First thing first, you are wondering how much does it cost.  It costs only $15 per year.  By the way, if you follow the steps provided, you will get rewarded with $20 from pre-paid Net Spend debit card (if you have not enrolled in the card before).  So the system is not only FREE, but you get $5 for joining.

For the cost of joining, you are provided training for following internet marketing topics:

  • YouTube Marketing Secrets
  • Twitter Marketing Secrets
  • Facebook Marketing Secrets
  • Free Classified Advertising Sites
  • Legal Bulk Email Marketing Secrets
  • Drop Card Marketing


Surely, you can use these trainings for promoting this opportunity.  You can also use these trainings to promote any other opportunities that you may be pursuing.

Now you are probably wondering how does one earn from this opportunity.  When it comes to earning potential, Money Bomb opportunity excels. It has incorporated several programs from which you can realize income regularly.

$5 Dollar Money Bomb Program

  • You will start generating $5 payments from those you refer

Net Spend Credit Card

  • You will get $20 credit to your account upon activation.

Zip Nada Zilch

  • This system pays you for completing tasks, such as surveys, free offers, etc.  In addition you get paid for referring others into this system.  As your referrals join the Money Bomb program, you will also benefit from their activities at ZNZ.

Bonus Money Programs

  • There are additional programs that you can associate with.

Your Own Primary Program

  • The Money Program also enables you to promote your primary program to your referrals.

The Money Bomb program was launched in early November 2011.  The program has grown as well many new features have been added to facilitate enhanced earnings.  Joseph A. Zyskowski, the founder, is very active and receptive to integrate changes to program expeditiously.

If you are interested in making money online, you will find 5 Dollar Money Bomb is the most easiest to make money. This may sound like another too good to be true type of deal, but it just isn’t.  This program is a winner.

So, please do not procrastinate. Get started today.



Stiforp is KISS System For Your Success

Searching for business opportunities to make money online is not that difficult. There are so many opportunities to choose from. How does one know which ones to select?

Most opportunities concentrate on their payment plan which promises to make each potential member unrealistic earnings. However, they do not have viable product(s)/service(s) which people can use or benefit from. The basic essence of any business is that it must provide product(s)/service(s) which people are willing to spend money to attain it.

Every business needs potential clients. Whether you are selling health products, financial products or information products, you need to set up a lead generating system. What if you were able to offer anyone in business the lead generating system that works and yet it is affordable?
That is where STIFORP comes in. It provides marketing tools which are valuable to anyone involved in mlm, network, online marketing, direct marketing or off line marketing. Most importantly, the cost is minimal at $9.95 per month- less than 35 cents per day.

The highlights of Stiforp are as follows:

Interactive Flash Movie Presentations

A video presentation grabs your prospects attention, and allows them to absorb the information much more efficiently than just reading. Plus, it allows your prospects to hold and retain the information up to 10 times longer than text alone! It doesn’t matter what type of product, service, or program you are promoting, video presentations WORK.

Video Spokesperson on Your Site

Now, with Stiforp you can have a Real Person (virtually, of course) appear on your website to encourage your prospects to take the next step in looking at your business! Use this tool to help take your business to the Next level!

Lead Capture Pages

With Stiforp, you will have full access to tested and proven to be highly responsive landing pages. You get to choose which page you want to use, and you will get your very own website. So you can drive as much traffic to your business as you want! As soon as your prospect submits their information on your lead capture page, they are automatically directed to the replicated website of your company or anywhere else you want to send them. Plus, an email is automatically sent to you to let you know that you had a visitor!


Each time a prospect visits your lead capture page, your Stiforp system will automatically send them a series of 10 or more emails inviting them to JOIN YOUR BUSINESS! Stiforp is already loaded with highly responsive generic follow up messages.

Contact Manager

Stiforp provides a fully integrated contact manager with built in tracking software so you know where your leads are coming from and you have the ability to manage them with the click of a button!


Take FREE Tour Now.

Stiforp provides members access to over 10 hours a week of exclusive use of conference bridges. Another tool to help grow your business!

In addition to the tools listed above, Stiforp also provides members unique business opportunity- offer Stiforp services to other entrepreneurs. As a member you will be rewarded generously for referring other members.

In nutshell, Stiforp is simple and essential system. It provides basic formula to succeed in any business- Automatic Marketing System. As a member you can use it to promote your business or you can help others to succeed in their business.

STIFORP is a win-win system for your personal success and to anyone else who will be your referrals.

Take FREE Tour Now.

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